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Streetlight Icarus - Premium Sewing Bundle


Streetlight Icarus

The warm orange light of a streetlamp in the darkness - the source of life. You see it from far away, like a bonfire in the night, brighter than anything else, and you clumsily flutter towards it. It slowly fills your entire vision - so close now. You feel the warm radiance spread over the membrane of your papery wings, glowing through the veins and the tiny dusty scales, every cell lightning up like a match head. You hit a clear surface, so close now. If only you could get just a bit closer, just a tiny bit closer, you know it would feel even better. 
This premium bundle captures the warmth of an incandescent streetlight, and the flash and sparkle of nighttime insects, with generous cuts of three cotton prints, a black pre-washed linen, and a soft, breathable bengaline and twill in rich, warm colours. 

Our Premium Sewing Bundles have 3-6m of each fabric in large, whole cuts, so they are extra special! 

This bundle contains: (top to bottom)

Rust Twill - 100% viscose
Black Fireflies - 100% cotton
Starlight - 100% cotton
Milk Chocolate Bengaline - 100% cupro (a sustainable fibre derived from cotton)
Burnt Kubota - 100% cotton
Black Pre-washed linen - 100% linen

Birds' Sewing Bundles comprise a selection of our ends-of-bolts, unused sample yardage, and general fabric leftovers from our studio and production. 

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