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Tree House - Sewing Bundle


Tree House

It's your special place - your very own house, up in the boughs - and you have it furnished just the way you like it with an old foam cushion covered in canvas, your Sweet Valley High books lined up on a lime green painted shelf on the wall, a selection of mugs and plates with small chips that your mom gave you from the kitchen, and some floaty blue curtains that you can draw when you want some time away from the world. You do your thinking here. Sometimes your cat, Pickles, comes to visit, and sometimes he stays for a nap. Life is good in your tree house.

The fabrics in this bundle are a mix of smaller, irregular, and larger pieces. On average, there is 1-3m per fabric, but some pieces may be smaller or larger.

This bundle contains: (top to bottom)

Trumpet Vines - 100% cotton
Burgundy stretch suiting - 50% cotton, 47% nylon, 3% spandex
Lime - 55% linen, 45% rayon
Pas De Chat - 100% cotton
Sky blue crepe - 100% polyester
Navy - 55linen, 45% rayon
Seersucker - 100% cotton

Birds' Sewing Bundles comprise a selection of our ends-of-bolts, unused sample yardage, and general fabric leftovers from our studio and production. We have tried to include 2-3 larger size pieces in each bundle that could possibly make a full garment, and the remainder is a mix of pieces that may be enough for a top or skirt, or may be better suited to smaller craft projects. 

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