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10 - Seedeater Pant - Black


Special Notes: This pant, Seedeater, is from deep in the Birds archives - possibly as old as SS13! I was only able to find one very old photo of the front in navy! They even have our very first brand label that was black with white printing.

It's a beautiful, 100% linen pant. It is officially sized as a 12, however our sizing used to be a lot smaller, and the finished measurements of these would suit our current size 10 better.

The finished hip measures 42" and the finished waist (which sits below the natural waist) measures 36". These will shrink a bit with a wash, so it's best to have a bit of room, but they are an absolutely beautiful quality 100% linen pant, and will get better, softer, and more beautiful with each wash.

Inseam is 32.5.

Content: 100% Linen

Care: Hand wash cold, hang to dry.

See our size chart here.

Made in Canada.

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