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Anchored In The Bay - Sewing Bundle


Anchored In The Bay

Your boat bobs gently on the rolling waves as it tugs on the anchor you dropped into the muddy bottom of the bay that morning. You descend a varnished ladder into the darkness of the cabin, and root around blindly in a cupboard under one of the berths, while your eyes adjust, until your fingers land on what you know to be the bottle of lime cordial you keep tucked in there. Not today, scurvy! You pour a bit of the glittering green syrup into a glass before loading it with ice from the cooler you stocked with cold cuts, cheese and grapes while ashore that morning. You top it off with warm bottled water, the ice crackling as the level rises. You head back up the ladder, plunk yourself on the warm deck and spend the afternoon observing all the landlubbers from your perch. You're a salty old sea dog now, and you love it. 

The fabrics are a mix of smaller, irregular, and larger pieces. On average, there is 1-3m per fabric, but some pieces may be smaller or larger.

This bundle contains: (top to bottom)

Striped Seersucker - 100% cotton
Terracotta linen blend - 55% linen, 45% rayon
Banana Leaves - 100% cotton bark cloth
Rose Chintz - 100% cotton
Nautical Chambray - 100% cotton
Navy Botanical Voile - 100% cotton

Birds' Sewing Bundles comprise a selection of our ends-of-bolts, unused sample yardage, and general fabric leftovers from our studio and production. We have tried to include 2-3 larger size pieces in each bundle that could possibly make a full garment, and the remainder is a mix of pieces that may be enough for a top or skirt, or may be better suited to smaller craft projects. 

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