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Button Bag - Special Mix


Button Mix

We finally got around to clearing out 15 years worth of extra buttons we have left over from production and sampling, and have put together a nice little selection in small bags!

We have tried to keep groups of buttons together, so you might find some singletons in there, but there are more often 2-8 of a kind. The selection is a mix of typical Birds buttons - neutral mottled colours, antique brass and antique silver finish, white, black with a few oddballs mixed in.

FYI there are a few shell buttons in a couple of the bags, in case you're vegan and would like to avoid those. Just send us a message and we'll give you a selection without shell. We don't use those any more, but had some left over from the naughts! We are dinosaurs of Canadian indie fashion, haha ;)

The bags are all different, but all similar in type of contents. The one below is just one example of the many mixes.

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