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Mask - Redwood Meadow


Washable, 100% cotton mask, designed, cut and sewn in our studio in Toronto! These masks are being made to order, so please allow up to a week for shipping!

This cotton has so many sweet little animals on a lovely midnight blue background - bears, skunks, deer, pheasants, squirrels and one of our favourite national animals (mine, at least!), raccoons! One is even riding a bear, which takes the raccoon awesomeness to the next level :) The fabric is 100% cotton and is designed by Vanessa Lillrose & Linda Fitch.

Measures approximately 9.5" wide, 3" tall at the sides, and 6" tall in the middle. 

These masks are washable, in your machine or by hand, and can be laid flat to dry or tumbled dry on a gentle setting. You can use hot water, soap and a bit of bleach or other disinfecting substance in your wash load to help sanitize the mask.

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