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Screen Door Slam - Sewing Bundle


Screen Door Slam

It's a quiet night at the cottage, and you're tucked into a tatty old easy chair on your porch, reading a Mary Higgins Clark that you found in a curbside giveaway pile on your walk to work last week. You can see the golden light from your neighbour's kitchen lanterns though the trees. You hear the gentle slap of a screen door closing in the darkness. You peer out, but all you see are muted green leaves, and blue shadows. You turn back to your book. Was the explosion on the yacht an accident or foul play?

The fabrics are a mix of smaller, irregular, and larger pieces. On average, there is 1-3m per fabric, but some pieces may be smaller or larger.

This bundle contains: (top to bottom)

Night Ferns - 100% viscose
Lightning Bugs - 100% cotton
Dusty rose crepe - 100% polyester
Steel Blue Vines - 100% cotton
Sage piqué - 100% viscose
Striped Seersucker - 100% cotton

Birds' Sewing Bundles comprise a selection of our ends-of-bolts, unused sample yardage, and general fabric leftovers from our studio and production. We have tried to include 2-3 larger size pieces in each bundle that could possibly make a full garment, and the remainder is a mix of pieces that may be enough for a top or skirt, or may be better suited to smaller craft projects. 

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