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Summer Ritual - Premium Sewing Bundle


Summer Ritual

You wake up in a dream and find yourself wandering through a beautiful, open valley. It's sunny, the sky is blue, wildflowers poke up here and there, nodding their delicate heads. In the distance you see a small, tidy log house with a rainbow over it. How can this be? You change course slightly to walk towards it, the grasses soft underfoot.

The house looks dark. As you approach you see two eyes catching the light from inside a window. They look very low down as if the person is of small stature. 'Hello?' you say hesitantly into the fragrant air. The door creaks open and a very small woman swathed in airy pastel layers hobbles out. Her eyes are smiling. Then her mouth is smiling, and you notice, to your horror, that her teeth are all blackened and serrated. Turns out, you are the blood sacrifice that keeps this valley fertile! Oh no!!

Wow. That happened. This bundle is so cheerful that it must be sinister! Who are you trying to fool, cheerful bundle?! Beware of overly cheerful things, and make sure you have a good way to get out of nightmares. I jump up and down with my eyes closed while screaming 'It's just a dream!' Works every time. Happy crafting!!

Our Premium Sewing Bundles have 3-6m of each fabric in large, whole cuts, so they are extra special! 

This bundle contains: (top to bottom)

Cumulus - 100% cotton
Pink Rainbows - 100% cotton
Light grey - 100% cotton
Hothouse- 100% cotton
Chicory- 100% cotton
Blue Stripes - 100% cotton
Sand Washed Blue Batiste - 100% Viscose
Pink knit - 51% rayon, 28% nylon, 21% polyester

Birds' Sewing Bundles comprise a selection of our ends-of-bolts, unused sample yardage, and general fabric leftovers from our studio and production. 

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