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ReNesting Program


To facilitate a more circular and sustainable life for each of the pieces we produce, we have created a repurchasing program at Birds! Two of the things we've come to realize about Birds pieces over the years are 1. that they often last a very long time, and 2. they are often much-loved and can be hard to part with when you don't know where they are going! 

We hope our ReNesting program will be a solution for you! If you have any Birds styles - new or old, worn or unworn, damaged or pristine - we will welcome them back from you in exchange for a small credit towards a future purchase. They will be lovingly entered into our ReNesting program where they will be directed into one of the following channels:


‘Albatross’ section

This avenue is for items that are in re-sellable condition. They will be laundered, photographed, and listed for resale at discounted prices on our website in the ‘Albatross’ section so they can find loving new homes! A portion of each sale with be donated to one of our favourite local charities.

We hope to have our first Albatross pieces up for sale in the next couple of months!

'Phoenix' collection

Like a phoenix that rises from ashes, this avenue is for items that are not in re-sellable condition, but which contain materials that can be repurposed to make something new.

We will strip each piece of any trimmings, such as buttons and zippers, so those items can be reused, and the remaining fabric will be re-cut to create new items.

Since the program is new, we still need to gather enough pieces to be able to get this part of ‘ReNesting’ up and running, but you’ll eventually be able to find these reinvented pieces in our ‘Phoenix’ section!



This channel is for items that are too severely degraded or damaged to be resold or repurposed. We'll donate these pieces to various local charities who raise money through the sale of recycled textiles. 


How do I participate?

You can either drop your used Birds pieces in person at our store at 1114 Queen Street West in Toronto, or send them back to us by mail at:

Birds of North America
5 Adrian Avenue, #203
Toronto, ON, M6N 5G4

Regardless of the condition, you will be issued a credit for each item returned to put towards a future purchase at Birds:

$15 - dress, coat, or jumpsuit

$10 - woven separates (skirt, top, short, pant)

$5 - light weight knit tops

If you drop your return(s) directly at the store you will be issued a credit code on the spot. If you send returns by mail, we will e-mail you a credit code as soon as they are received. Please be sure to include your contact information so we know where to send your discount code!



Creating beautiful clothing in Canada is our passion. Nothing makes us happier than hearing how much you love your Birds pieces, and we want these beloved pieces to be a part of your, or someone else's, wardrobe for a lifetime!

One of the main ways we try to make long-lived clothing is by building quality into each garment itself. We have always used high quality fabrics, trimmings, and methods of construction, so our pieces stand up well to washing, wear and general life year after year.

It's ok to buy new things and it's ok to keep up with changing fashions if it's done in a conscious, sustainable way. That means purchasing pieces that you can get a lot of wear out of, and that have enough integrity that they can hopefully be enjoyed by someone else after you move on from them. We hope that our ReNesting program will be an easy place for you to direct your Birds clothes when their life with you has come to an end so they can either be enjoyed by someone else, remade into something new, or recycled appropriately. Maybe you'll also find something new-to-you to give a second act to in our Albatross section!

Thank you for participating! We're delighted to be able to launch this program, and hope it will make the decision easier when the time comes to part with your beloved Birds styles.

xoxo all the Birds